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Defining ourselves as "young and pioneers" despite about 25 years of activity, probably expresses adequately the spirit with which we daily face the challenges that are proposed and, summarizes the spirit with which we offer our services and the desire to confirm the esteem that is placed in us.

Knowledge, technology and innovation are our passions and we transform them into services and high quality performances to COMPANIES and PEOPLE.

We are a simple people team and we believe in the simplest values as MUTUAL RESPECT, TRUST and ESTEEM at every level of cooperation.

From these considerations, my brother Giuseppe and I, have founded the LENN S.A.S. company.

Then, afterwards, and only after having reached a good level of knowledge and experience, we created our own mrCLEVER® franchising system. Today our ambition is to extend our network nationwide with the aim of creating and spreading professionalism and to offer excellent quality services.


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